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BRICKS – Today’s Bricks are Crap

April 30, 2013


Today’s Bricks Are Crap

This blog was last edited on August 14, 2014

And why tower number three at The World Trade Center on 9/11 fell.

I’m writing this blog because I spent $2,300. on a 40 foot chimney five years ago and the bricks are falling apart.  This is really pathetic.  Today’s mortar is crap as well, see below the pictures for blurb about  that.

Here are the pictures:


This chimney was built in 2006.


This is the piece that fell off April 2013, after a bad ice storm.


These are the 2006 bricks that were left under the natural gas vent.  A lot of moisture and they just crumbled.


These are bricks from the late 1800’s that are under the natural gas vent…they are still okay.


More bricks from the late 1800’s.


More bricks from the late 1800’s, turned into a side walk.  These old bricks are from four old chimney’s on the house, which is most cases it was the mortar that was falling apart.  Some bricks were also falling apart but ones that didn’t get a lot of sun are still okay.


This brick is from the 1800’s and was in the same pile and exposed to the same weather conditions of the 2006 brick seen below.


This 2006 brick exposed to same weather elements as the brick above from 1800’s.


What is left of 2006 brick….after exposed to the elements for only seven years.

The question is:  What are the building specifications these days for bricks or are there even any?

TODAY’S MORTAR IS CRAP as well and maybe the reason why tower number three fell at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and maybe the reason why the conspiracy theorists started the conspiracy to convict the government in the bringing down of this building, because the building supplies used were crap and the engineers and the suppliers don’t want to be responsible so blame it on some one else.  That’s my theory any way.  

Mortar or cement has been around since the Roman Empire, at least 50 or 60 BC or earlier.  Tell me why all of these old castles and buildings from earlier centuries are still standing and a building that is forty years old or less, is crumbling apart.  (I’m just guessing but I think there are castles in Europe dating back to the fifteenth century and beyond).  You know the answer, because today’s building supplies are crap.

rome colosseum

Here’s a picture of the Roman Colosseum built in 40 AD and is still standing.

I just found out that the great pyramid, which was built in 2500 BC and survived the 40 day flood of Noah’s Arc, has cement on it.


Today’s glass is crap as well.   My house was built in 1870 and the glass is twice as thick, if not thicker, than today’s glass on the market.

I found an interesting blurb in the Bible. I just thought it interesting that bricks and asphalt for mortar have been around for probably about 7000 years now.

Genesis 11 – Tower of Babel

11:3  “Come let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They had bricks for stone and they had asphalt for mortar. And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top is in the heavens.


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